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The 36 Top Health Care Jobs Of 2015 - Yahoo Finance

Health insurance paperwork wastes $375 billion

While the majority work in pharmacies, drugstores and hospitals, some also work in department, grocery and general merchandise stores. 23. Home Health Aide Unemployment Rate: 7.8 percent Expected Job Openings: 424,200 According to the BLS, older Americans are choosing to stay in their homes, which has boosted demand for home health aides. Employment should spike in this job by 48.5 percent by 2022. These aides may help with household duties, such as sweeping and washing clothes, and administer care to clients, including dressing injuries and giving baths. all eating disorders 24.
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Health Alert: Treating opioid abuse - KYTX CBS19.tv - News, Weather, & Sports | Tyler-Longview

counties, most of them in rural areas, do not have a doctor qualified to dispense the medication necessary for effective treatment. According to the CDC, prescription opioid pain relievers such as Oxycontin or Vicodin were involved in nearly 15,000 overdose deaths in 2008. (CBS)- Ultrasounds may be the key to early detection and prevention of heart attacks and strokes in developing countries. In a study in the Global Heart, researchers in India were able to detect plaque in the arteries of 24 percent of patients before symptoms appeared. The study also found doctors with no prior experience could be trained quickly to use the devices.
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Bisexual women have worse mental health than lesbians in the UK | EurekAlert! Science News

Homophobic prejudice is now widely and rightly condemned; specific stigma around bisexual identity needs to be similarly confronted." In the diseases UK, the numbers of women identifying as lesbian and as bisexual are similar.[3] However, only 16% of the survey participants were bisexual women. The study authors suggest this may be linked to bisexual women's reluctance to disclose their sexual identity. The authors add that "concealment of sexual orientation is known to be related to poorer mental health in sexual minority women". The study authors suggest that worse mental health in bisexual women than in lesbians may be due to more negative social attitudes towards bisexuality compared with lesbian and gay identity. Consequently, bisexual women may have a more negative attitude towards themselves, and expect more social rejection, putting their mental health at risk. The new findings differ from those of a similar UK survey[4] in 2003, which found no difference in psychological distress between bisexual women and lesbians.
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We know that it can done," said Himmelstein, a practicing physician who teaches at Hunter College in New York and co-founded the Physicians for a National Health Program , which advocates for a single-payer system. Read More 'Nastier' flu strain spreads, death toll rises The paper comes at a time of continued debate over the ACA, whose goals include reducing the rate of health-care inflation. While that rate has slowed in recent years, health-care spending is still growing faster than wages. And recent research has shown that even as insurance premiums have been growing at slower rates in employer-sponsored plans, people in those plans have been bearing a greater share of the costs of such insurance. Himmelstein said online medical advice that by relying on private insurance to deliver health coverage to millions of people, the ACA has not alleviated the problem of inefficient administrative costs that stem from a multipayer system.
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Clearing the health-records hurdle -- FCW

Shutterstock image: futuristic medical interface. For example, New York City is trying to get a handle on the spread of the chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne disease that travelers from the Caribbean are increasingly bringing to the United States. Dr. Annie Fine, an epidemiologist with the New York City Department of Public Health, noted that patient addresses are often omitted from test results for the virus that are filed with the city as a matter of law. That makes it harder for public health workers to follow up with infected individuals.
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