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Health Matters: Navigating Pre-teen Years Can Be A Difficult Time | Centraljersey.com

Statistics show that in 2011, 28 percent of children in grades 6-12 experienced some sort of bullying and 9 percent experienced cyber-bullying. Most bullying happens in middle school. While bullying is a significant risk factor for depression, anxiety and school refusal, tweens also face other challenges such as increased responsibility and schoolwork, and pressure to fit in with their peers. Though some children are able to manage the stressors well, others may need some extra help. Recognizing the warning signs It can be difficult for parents to determine the difference between normal tween behavior and behavior that may signal something more. In general, parents should be aware of a significant change in behavior and function. Other warning signs include: Withdrawing socially; a sudden drop in school performance; secretive behavior; excessive sadness; excessive worrying; outbursts of shouting, complaining, unexplained irritability, or crying; aggression, refusal secondary health insurance to cooperate, antisocial behavior; constant complaints of stomach aches, head aches and other aches and pains with no apparent cause; changes in sleeping patterns; changes in eating habits.
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The Barnstable Patriot - Health Care: Cape's prodigious daughter returns

When I use an opiate pill, I dont feel like an addict. On navigating the health care system ... If anyone one in my family or my friends get sick, I usually descend on them and offer my assistance, because its complicated. And I actually helped a woman I met allied health once or twice on the Cape who was having a terrible experience with a child who was having an alcohol issue. They had been in treatment once and immediately came out and got in trouble again. She had my phone number and she called me, and I literally spent four days trying to help her get her kid in treatment. I thought, 'I know the people to call, I have cellphones of CEOs of the organizations, to say can you help me here.' And I couldnt do it. The Cape's health bars problem ... I think that the Cape is in the same place that so many municipalities are, across Massachusetts, across the nation.
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